United States of America

As a born citizen of the United States I have had the opportunity see some amazing parts of this country. From the hustle of New York City to the beautiful scenery of the Rockies, there’s so much to do even if you've lived here your entire life. Some of my favorite places include New Orleans, Hilton Head Island, all of Colorado, Seattle, Burlington Vermont, and so much more. 

If you're coming from another country, the United States may be quite a culture shock. The USA is fast paced, economically driven, and loves excess. While I am not the biggest fan of large cities in the United States, they offer one thing that can't be beaten anywhere. Food. Large cities such as New York, Boston, LA, and others bring in many diverse backgrounds from all around the world. Many of these people have built restaurants that reflect their home cuisine and give you authentic foods. You can find pretty much any type of food in these metropolitan areas from Thai, Ethiopian, Venezuelan, and more. While US chain restaurants have arguably created less authentic versions of international cuisines, it isn't hard to find genuine international foods wherever you may be.

While getting around in major cities is not difficult, it can be hard for travelers to get to smaller cities and natural destinations in the United States. The train system in the United States is not well established and can cost as much as some airline tickets. Your best bet for leaving large cities is to rent a car or using ride share apps. 

Though the United States has become somewhat notorious in recent years for its hostile political environment and attitude toward foreigners, the majority of people are welcoming and understanding of other cultures. If you're willing to put some decent money into your trip, the United States may be a great destination for you.

Here are just a few recommendations for domestic and international travelers in the United States:

  • Yellowstone National Park

  • New Orleans, Louisiana 

  • Florida Keys

  • Grand Canyon 

  • Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

  • Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Steamboat, literally anywhere)

  • Appalachian Trail (Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia)