The second most visited country in the world, Spain has done a lot to earn this title. Everywhere you go in Spain, you are surrounded by an incredible atmosphere. The locals are friendly, the nightlife is exuberant, and the food is perhaps the best in the world. Seeing cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla is easy with great transportation systems running in each city to help you get around day and night. The Spanish train system also runs between cities offering regional trains for lower prices. If you are willing to put in a little more money, you'll get to travel the country by their many bullet trains. With some reaching speeds of almost 300 kilometers per hour (185 miles) You can get from the Eastern border to the Western border in a matter of hours. 

Unlike most places, the nightlife of Spain is quite literally every night. You may have heard that the Spanish eat quite late. I'm here to tell you that is absolutely true. Though, I didn’t quite understand why until I got there. As the farthest West country in Europe's insanely large CET time zone, the sun doesn't set sometimes until nearly 11 at night. It's easy to see why you wouldn’t want to eat until late and most nights you may find yourself out until one or two in the morning. 


The food in Spain can only be correctly described by Barney Stinson. You can find tapas on every corner with multitudes of options to choose from at each restaurant. Some are traditional while others take a more modern approach to tapas. For those like myself who are not big lovers of seafood, Spain is here to fix that. Seafood dishes (especially squid and octopus) done Spanish style will turn any seafood hater running to the sea. Tons of other foods will make you want to stay here such as paella, Spanish churros (no cinnamon/sugar but dipped in hot chocolate), patatas bravas, and Jamón Iberico.


While Madrid and Barcelona are the two most popular cities to visit, I found my best experience down South. The city of Sevilla is truly something special and may be my favorite city in the world. The hostels and nightlife are unmatched and filled with genuine travelers. Simply walking around the gorgeous city is an activity in it of itself but there is so much more to do. Kayaking or paddle boarding on the river is a great way to soak up some sun without a beach. Seeing traditional Flamenco, exploring the parks and museums, and going to. the Metropol Parasol should all be on your itinerary. While Southern Spain can get quite hot during the summer months, it’s worth it to experience this amazing city as well as the surrounding town in Andalusia.