Travel Tips: September 7, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

  1. Often times when crossing a land border (especially in Europe) you won't have to show your passport to any authorities.

  2. You can buy flexible tripods or handheld stabilizers to take high quality photographs and videos with your phone.

  3. Bring a small pocket knife whenever you travel. Just a few of the tools equipped on it can help in a myriad of situations.

  4. Small villages in underdeveloped countries can be great places to visit, but you might not be able to book anything ahead of time.

  5. Many travel companies (hotels, airlines, etc) partner together and points with one company may be able to be put towards using them with one of the partner companies.

  6. Bring more conservative (long sleeves, pants, skirts) clothing when going to countries with heavy religious influence. Exploring religious sites such as Buddhist temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc; are great activities but you must be respectful of the religion and make sure you do not offend more traditional members of the community.

  7. For over the counter medicines, try to pack them together in one bottle or container to save space.

  8. REI offers a large variety of hiking backpacks and will fit them to your size for free in store.

  9. A great piece of home decor and a fun way to keep track of all the places you've been is with a scratch off map.

  10. Buy a quick dry towel if you're traveling to hostels. They dry fast, fold into small bags, and are very reasonably priced.