Travel Tips September 2, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

  1. Walking a lot in hot climates? Having a pair of Chacos can help you keep cool while trekking through cities and nature. They are hiking sandals that are built to be comfortable through a variety of different environments. Just try not to where them when they are already wet.

  2. Apps and websites like National Park Service and All Trails can give you great options for hiking paths and exploring National Parks.

  3. Adjusting the amount of sunlight exposure before a trip can reduce jet lag by inherently changing your sleep schedule.

  4. When caving, make sure to wear an element proof watch. Without seeing the sun, your body automatically loses much of the ability to tell time.

  5. Try to find limestone waterfalls if you are exploring national parks (both domestic and international). Limestone maintains its traction even when wet, allowing you to climb limestone waterfalls.

  6. Negotiating is an important skill to have when visiting street markets. Prices aren’t always set in stone (for non food items) and it’s quite fun to attempt to bargain with vendors, just be respectful while doing so.

  7. While many Americans are afraid to visit due to previous Soviet control, Eastern Europe is one of the most authentic and fun regions to visit in the world. The cultures are not as Westernized and tend to be cheaper than Western destinations.

  8. Keep change on you while traveling in cities in order to do laundry. Many cities have cheap laundromats to do a quick load of laundry.

  9. Pack your clothes in dry sacks or packing cubes to keep clothes separate and take up less space in your bag.

  10. Certain travel apps offer rewards for posting and booking through the app. You can use these points towards tours, accommodation, and other costs of travel.