Travel Tips: August 5, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

  1. Put a bit of cash in some small pockets on your bag. Just incase.

  2. ATMs have the best exchange rate. But it’s wise to take out a larger amount of money due to withdrawal fees ($5-$7)

  3. Scan your passport and keep a picture of it on your phone. If you lose your passport or need to show it when you don't have it on you, it makes the process much easier.

  4. Try to book flights to and from large airports. Often times you can book these flights for cheaper and find regional flights to and from these places which would be cheaper than a small regional airport to another. For example, don't book Albany, NY to Hamburg, Germany. Book a round trip Albany to New York City, round trip NYC to Berlin, and round trip Berlin to Hamburg. I know it sounds like a lot but the chances are that you'd have these types of layovers anyways.

  5. If you're in another country and have a long flight ahead, download Netflix movies/shows before you leave. Your own headphones are way more comfortable than airplane headphones and Netflix is way better abroad than in the United States.

  6. Make sure you have a plug converter. Outlets are different in other countries.

  7. If you're backpacking, try and pack less shirts and pants. If you’re not sweaty, it may be best to rewear them. Bring extra socks and underwear though, rewearing those is just gross.

  8. Don't book tours ahead of time. Walk around areas to get a feel of things to do. Chances are you'll have plenty to do without that expensive tour you thought you would like.

  9. Google Maps can download entire cities for local navigation. Even if you don't have service, you can still plug in local destinations to find your way around.

  10. Specify that you want tap water at a restaurant, otherwise they might bring you a four dollar bottle of water that you'll have to pay for.