Travel Tips: August 3, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

  1. Students can sometimes get discounts with different booking services. Before paying for flights, accommodation, or tours; see if there are any student discounts you're eligible for.

  2. Rolling your clothes instead of traditional folding saves extra space in your bag for either bringing more or taking souvenirs home.

  3. Buy multi-day passes for city trams, you'll save money instead of buying lots of one way tickets.

  4. Cooking one or two meals a day can save you a lot of money to either spend on activities or save for your next adventure.

  5. Bring a nicer pair of walking shoes. While you may not be used to walking around cities in nicer clothes, your athletic shorts and t-shirt may make you stand out as a tourist. Your shoes are especially noticeable so blend in a bit better with a nicer pair.

  6. If you're staying at a hostel, bring light clothes to sleep in. Non-Americans tend to sleep with the AC off and the room can get quite hot for those used to sleeping in a cooler environment.

  7. Change the time on your watch/phone as soon as you get on the plane. Even seeing this time will help you adjust better and you'll have a lower chance of jet lag.

  8. Don't bring home large souvenirs if you're traveling for long periods of time. Chances are it will break and you don't need it. Try collecting mementos of things you do or buy something small. I always keep airplane tickets and I get a shot glass in each city.

  9. Bring a small daypack. You don't want to stuff your pockets and you definitely don't want to leave certain things behind if you're out for the day. This can also act as your carryon while flying.

  10. If you're going back to the United States after a long period of time, don’t have anything planned the next morning. I tend to find myself very sick after my first meal back in the USA. This is due to the high number of preservatives and chemicals found in some foods here.