Travel Tips: August 26, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

  1. If websites (specifically government/embassy sites) are unavailable in the country you are in, use a vpn to connect from that specific country to gain access.

  2. Keep a copy of your passport on you at all times. You can have access to the information without carrying it around with you.

  3. For road trips, switch drivers every few hours. If you’re driving a long distance alone, take a ten to twenty minute break at least every five hours to walk around.

  4. Always have a ticket for public transport. You likely won't be checked but if you do, the fine will cost much more than a ticket.

  5. If you’re traveling to Europe, bring warm clothes. Even during summer, many cities will get quite cold at night.

  6. To get around cities in Asia, take a tuk-tuk. They are cheaper than other public transport options especially in busy cities.

  7. If you wish to do some photography while traveling, bring a small tripod. It helps tremendously especially for nighttime pictures.

  8. When visiting developing countries, bring either a sterilizing pen, filter water bottle, or iodine tablets. Those of us living in developed countries do not have the same bacteria in our water as other parts of the world.

  9. Break in your shoes a bit before embarking on a trip with a lot of walking. Sore feet can be much more of a problem than you would think.

  10. Throughout cities/countries, there is usually a consistent cheapest item on the menu. If you're ok to indulge multiple times, you can save money and eat local foods.