Travel Tips: August 12, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

  1. Check monthly forecast patterns if you're traveling for more than two weeks.

  2. You can download entire languages to Google Translate so you can use it without having data on your phone.

  3. Sunglasses are a necessity no matter where you travel.

  4. If you're staying somewhere with a kitchen, bring a reusable shopping bag. Some places even sell reusable bags that fold into the size of a wallet. I got mine from REI but there are lots of places you can find them.

  5. When walking through a street market, people will yell at you to come try their stand/stall. If you're not interested just keep walking. They will act annoyed for about three seconds and then move on to the next person. It’s better for both of you to not waste their time.

  6. Download WhatsApp when traveling internationally. It uses wifi to text, call, and video chat people and is how you can keep in contact with friends you make without having international text charges.

  7. Some train tickets cannot be changed online. However, it may be possible if you go to the train station and speak with staff at the desk.

  8. Having a hard time finding which restaurants are good? Try to listen and see if you hear the local language. The more you hear it at a certain restaurant, the better the chances are that it's a tasty choice.

  9. Pack a bathing suit. Even places without coasts likely have an opportunity to go swimming. Even some of the coldest places on Earth have natural hot springs.

  10. In some countries, it is legal to freely camp in the wild. If you're interested in wilderness and adventure travel, this may be a better and cheaper option for you. Especially during summer months.

I am not sponsored by any of the links, just my personal recommendations.