Travel Tips: August 10, 2021

Need some advice for exploring your destination? Here’s your daily dose of travel tips.

Negev Desert, Israel
Negev Desert

  1. People will post their packing lists for their trips online. Search for trips similar to yours to find what you should and shouldn't bring.

  2. Bring a cheap waterproof watch. It’s not worth it to risk wear something fancy.

  3. Pack socks inside your shoes to take up less space in your bag.

  4. Have a power bank with you fully charged. Especially if you're going out for the day or into the wilderness.

  5. Don't bring back a shell you found in the water. It could be alive and TSA might want to know what that smell is from your bag.

  6. Check the prices of checking a bag vs upgrading to have free checked baggage. It may be more cheaper to just get an upgrade.

  7. If you’re backpacking, make sure to bring a lock. Hostels almost always have lockers to store your baggage in during the day and even after you've checked out.

  8. Bring duct tape with you. It is the world’s most versatile repair tool for torn bags and other things.

  9. If you are into photography, bring two batteries and charge them every night. A day of exploring with a camera takes up much more battery life than you would think.

  10. Bring regular (non Apple) headphones for international flights. The screen on the back of the seat will not have the same port as your iphone, and airplane headphones are the worst.