Hostel Review: Wild Elephants Hostel

In the Slovakian capital city of Bratislava, Wild Elephants Hostel is a crazy party hostel that is inviting and welcoming to everyone who stays there.

Old Town Bratislava has a lot to offer including Wild Elephants Hostel. Learn more with Exploration Always
Old Town Bratislava. Exploration Always

While in Vienna, I decided to leave early and explore a new place that I hadn't heard much about. I bought a bus ticket as it was pulling up to the pickup spot and I was on my way from Austria to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. On my way I booked a hostel in the middle of Old Town and walked there from the bus stop.

When you walk into Wild Elephants, the first thing you notice is the wacky, fun, and craziness of the community the hostel has created. All over the walls are fun drawings that guests and volunteers have done ranging from signatures to crazy cartoon characters. The beds are pretty nice and kept clean and like always, you have your own locker, and a shared bathroom. The kitchen is well kept and the volunteers cook a vegan community dinner every night for just a few euros.

During the day the hostel has volunteers on standby with recommendations, tips, and even some activities. Some of these activities include visiting parks, swimming in nearby lakes, running around the city, and other fun events. On the first day I arrived, the activity was visiting an underground tea house in the Old City. I had known these people for only a few minutes but I went with them and had the time of my life. Not only was the tea house so amazing that I took a friend back the next day, but the people (including hostel volunteers) were beyond friendly and eager to both hear and share travel stories.

Tea House in Bratislava, Slovakia
Tea House in Bratislava, Slovakia

While I had a lot of fun during the day, it's at night when this party hostel really goes wild. Pregaming with traditional Slovakian liquor, tons of fun drinking games, and much more that I won't mention here. The bar crawls are unbelievable and the cheap prices of Slovakia (relative to Western Europe) make drinking at bars decently affordable. The volunteers work hard to make sure you have the best time possible and trust me, you will. In house parties are also thrown and it is a nonstop thriller. They also have activities with their sister hostel, Urban Elephants, which is a bit calmer and just a few minutes away.

Wild Elephants is the epitome of a party hostel and it is nonstop. The location is amazing and you can easily walk throughout the city from there or simply hop on the rail. The atmosphere (though intense) is welcoming and accepting of everyone. The activities, bar crawls, and parties make it an ideal hostel for any backpacker looking for a good time. And for only about 10 euro per night, Wild Elephants is the clear choice for any backpacker/solo traveler coming through Bratislava. There's so much more I could mention but I wouldn't want to ruin any surprises for your time at Wild Elephants.

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