Hostel Review: Hostel Angelina, Dubrovnik

Hostel Angelina is a fantastic hostel in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik. Learn more about staying at Hostel Angelina with Exploration Always

Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia. 2021 Exploration Always
View of Dubrovnik Old Town

In the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik in Croatia, there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to hostels. However, it doesn’t really matter if there’s no other hostels or twenty more hostels, because Hostel Angelina is where you want to be. This was the very first hostel I stayed in at the start of my solo trip. I landed in Croatia nervous that I wouldn’t meet anyone and that I would be staying in sketchy places. I could not have been more off. Hostel Angelina is a gorgeous venue built within the historic buildings of Old Dubrovnik. The style and layout of the hostel makes you feel as if you really were staying in King’s Landing (although there are currently no tyrannical rulers).

The staff are incredibly helpful, nice, and do everything to make sure you have a good experience. While I was there in May 2021 with COVID restrictions still in place, there were not many hostel activities. However, that has changed in the last month as Hostel Angelina has been running group activities around the city with the guests. Even though there weren’t any direct hostel activities, the staff helped all of us at the hostel find activities and set us up with tour guides, excursions, transportation directions, and other recommendations.

The kitchen is well kept but like any hostel, be prepared to clean your own dishes. The rooms are quite nice and not too crowded. There is also a back terrace with tables, chairs, clotheslines, and views of some of the streets. Prices are fair for a hostel but with all the help from staff and convenient location in the city, you get your money’s worth and beyond.

The next time you’re in Dubrovnik, I would definitely recommend a stay at Hostel Angelina. The staff engagement, friendly environment, cleanliness, and convenient location all make it a premiere hostel for anyone heading through Southern Croatia.

Hostel Rating: 9.5/10