Airline Review: Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines Plane

Dubai is the busiest airport in the Middle East and is both a great destination and jumping off point to countries further East. The main airline running through DXB is Emirates. I had always heard about Emirates but until recently had never gotten the chance to fly with them. In January of 2021 I left for Thailand. I flew Emirates on one of the longest flights in the world, Chicago to Dubai. As the flight was during COVID-19 I wore a heavy N-95 mask for over 14 hours in the air. There is no way to enjoy wearing such a heavy mask for that amount of time, but if we flew any other airline, I'm sure it would have been worse. It almost felt better to fly Emirates during COVID. Given the travel barriers, restrictions, and testing/quarantine required; not many people were eager to fly. Each of us had a row to ourselves with likely less than 75 people on the entire plane. The flight attendants were extremely nice and helpful. I am hardly the luxury traveler so naturally I flew economy. However, economy class on Emirates is what you may expect business or first class to be on most airlines. The food was surprisingly good, we had a decent amount of legroom, and there were nice features to our seats. While I'm sure my experience was better than most, given there was barely anyone on the plane, I still feel it was a better flying experience than I had ever had.

During nighttime, the windows are all closed, lights turn off, and the ceiling shows displays of stars from front to back. While I had a good experience of Emirates, there are those that have had so much better. Emirates is perhaps most famous for its insane business and first class seats. Business seats are huge both in size and legroom and can transform into beds. You get unlimited food and drinks with constant assistance from the flight crew. First class however, takes the cake on airline extravagance. Many long distance Emirates flights have first class seats which are their own cabin. They have a private room, table, bar, television, and much more. The food in this cabin is described as a five star restaurant with wings and they have Halal, vegetarian, and even Kosher options recently.

Emirates was quite the experience and is the best option for flying to Dubai as well as other locations. My experience was both worsened and improved by the current pandemic which just shows how much attention the flight crew gives to an enjoyable experience. While I would recommend flying it if you can, this airline is not cheap and will take a decent chunk out of your bank account. With that said, the cost gives you the improved flying experience no matter what cabin you're in.