Staying in Party Hostels While Traveling

Are you someone who loves to travel, loves to have fun, and are always looking to have a great night? If so, you’ll want to consider staying at party hostels during your upcoming adventures.

Party Hostels are an Amazing Time, Exploration Always
Party Hostels are an Amazing Time

What is a Hostel?

If you’re curious about learning a lot about hostels check out Hostels vs Hotels to learn about different types of general accommodations. Hostels are a type of accommodation that offers dorm style rooms as well as (sometimes) private rooms. Hostels tend to have activities for their guests and they are designed to have guests interact and meet each other.

What Makes a Party Hostel?

There’s no exact definition of what makes a party hostel but it’s usually not hard to distinguish. For one, party hostels usually have large areas where their guests can mingle and/or party. You can find games (both board and drinking) that will be played most days after five. Another thing that makes a party hostel is the activities planned, run, and sanctioned by the hostel. Many hostels will partner with local tour companies to provide walking tours, boat rides, culinary tastings and more. While most party hostels still have these, you’ll also find pub crawls, in house parties, and activities running throughout the week. Lots of them will also have a bar in house or connected to the main building. Hostel bars are not only fun but they are ridiculously cheap. You can enjoy these cheap drinks with your fellow travelers and volunteers at the hostels.

Choosing a Party Hostel

Although party hostels are in itself a sub section of hostels, there are also several types (or degrees) of party hostels. Some party hostels may only be considered so due to the fact that they have a bar. Sometimes it may be a relative term due to the types of accommodations in a certain area. However, some places take being a party hostel to the extreme. Imagine parties all and every day. Pub crawls, drinking games, and enough booze to kill a cow. While I love to party, it can be difficult to stay in a place like this for more than a few days. The trick to staying in party hostels for an extended period of time is to switch it up. Maybe you stay in a crazy and exhausting party hostel for three days, then you get an airbnb for two nights. Or even staying only at party hostels but knowing how much you should go out. The point is, you need to know your limit and you should still make sure you experience the places you stay to the best of your ability. Hostels can help with this too! Most hostel volunteers have been in the city/town for at least a few weeks and know the ins and outs of what to do, where to eat, and more.

There are lots of ways and places to find the right party hostels for you. The website has a list of cities and hostels that you can stay at. It lists what attributes each place may have such as in house parties, daily activities, a hostel bar, and more. You can also look up best hostels for each city and websites like hostelgeeks and broke backpacker offer comprehensive lists of hostels in different locations. Additionally you can leave a comment, write a submission, or email us at for recommendations, reviews, and more. For booking hostels, I almost always use Hostelworld. They have interactive maps and if you are a member you can earn points towards discounts or free bookings. Click the banner below for Hostelworld.

Some of the best party hostels I've stayed in are: