Layover: 5 Best East Coast US Destinations to Visit

Take a quick second to find out where you should head for your next East Coast trip.

Boston, Massachusetts Skyline. Exploration Always
Boston, Massachusetts Skyline

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Even someone like me who isn’t a fan of big cities will love Boston. The food scene is amazing with tons of amazing Italian spots plus more. The T-Train lets you get throughout the city with ease and you can enjoy all this city has to offer.

City of Atlanta, Georgia. Exploration Always
City of Atlanta, Georgia

4. Atlanta, Georgia

The biggest metropolis in the South is quite the place to see. The Georgia Aquarium, Coke Museum, and Centennial Olympic Park are all walking distance from each other and offer a memorable experience. The suburbs of Atlanta also have quite a lot to offer anyone visiting. And Atlanta is also home to what is usually considered the most efficient and busiest airport in the world.

Gorgeous Blue Water of the Florida Keys, United States. Exploration Always
Gorgeous Water of the Florida Keys

3. The Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys are something quite spectacular. Spanning hundreds of miles beneath Miami, they have some of the clearest waters anywhere in the United States. Key West is a popular destination that could be described as a tropical New Orleans. Get some key lime pie and visit the Southern most point in the United States, about 100 miles North of Havana. The real prize of the The Keys however, is the fishing. Considered by many to be the best fishing location in the world, it is a premiere destination for any angler.

Quaint and Vibrant City of Burlington, Vermont, United States. Exploration Always
Quaint and Vibrant City of Burlington

2. Burlington, Vermont

The small college town of Burlington is a unique and exciting city to visit. There are tons of amazing restaurants, bars, and stores to entertain yourself. While the city is pleasant year round, it is during the winter that it really comes out. Just a quick ride away are many ski slopes to enjoy winter sports or just the scenic views of snow covered mountains.

Sand Dunes and Beaches in Outer Banks, NC. Exploration Always
Sand Dunes and Beach in Outer Banks

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks is an area made up of many small towns and beautiful nature. It is perhaps one of the best spots to visit on the East Coast. The beaches and fishing here are pristine. The food is delicious and usually fresh out of the ocean. Perhaps the coolest part is the sand dunes. The dunes of the Outer Banks are famously known as the birthplace of flight where the Wright brothers tested their first version of a plane. You can also go hang gliding off the dunes just like the Wright brothers.

Let us know what East Coast destinations are the best to you!