Happy Thanksgiving | Top 5 Destinations for A Family Thanksgiving Trip Next Year

Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans celebrating. Here are some travel ideas for you and your family for Thanksgiving 2022.

There are lots of amazing locations you can take for a family Thanksgiving trip. Exploration Always
There are lots of amazing locations you can take for a family Thanksgiving trip

There are lots of great destinations for you and your family to travel for Thanksgiving. Although it’s a bit late to do this year in 2021, these are a few family trip ideas for Thanksgiving 2022.

5. Boone, North Carolina

Appalachian Mountain Range, North Carolina. Exploration Always
Appalachian Mountain Range

The small mountain town of Boone is a great place for family vacations. Deep in the Appalachian Mountain range, Boone is a vibrant town with lots of culture and a welcoming atmosphere. You can stay downtown or head into the mountains to stay in one of many available mountain houses/lodges. With hundreds of shops, restaurants, and bars; you won't have a hard time entertaining you and your family. In addition to all the things available downtown, you can experience Boone's amazing skiing. Ski season in Boone opens the week before Thanksgiving so you and your family can be some of the first people to hit the slopes.

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Fort, Puerto Rico. Exploration Always
Old San Juan Fort

Even. though it will be Thanksgiving, that doesn't mean you have to stay in the 50 states to celebrate with your family. San Juan, Puerto Rico is the perfect Caribbean family getaway destination. Heading into downtown and old town San Juan, you'll find some of the most amazing people, food, and culture. On top of all you'll find around town, you'll find some amazing nature in the areas around San Juan. From snorkeling/SCUBA and bioluminescent plankton, there is a lot to see. San Juan could be the place to make amazing Thanksgiving memories in 2022.

3. Denver, Colorado

Amazing Mural in Downtown Denver, Colorado, United States. Exploration Always
Amazing Mural in Downtown Denver

Denver is one of my favorite cities not just in the Western United States, but in the country as a whole. Downtown Denver has so much to see and has lots of amazing paths to walk around. The restaurant and bar scene in Denver is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the best and up and coming in the country. In addition to Denver itself, the surrounding areas have some of amazing parks and towns. Some of these include Garden of the Gods, Idaho Springs, Red Rocks, Boulder, and more. Will Denver be a possible destination for your Thanksgiving next year?

2. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

One of Many Great Fishing Piers in Hilton Head, South Carolina, United States. Exploration Always
One of Many Great Fishing Piers in Hilton Head

For golf, whether it be 9 holes, 18, or mini golf; look no further than Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head is located off the Southern border of South Carolina. Of course you'll find golf, but also so much more. Kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, or simply playing on the beach; all make Hilton Head a great location for you and your family to spend Thanksgiving. Just watch out for those alligators!

1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

Beautiful Beaches of the Outer Banks, North Carolina, United States. Exploration Always
Beautiful Beaches of the Outer Banks

I've mentioned Outer Banks before in my article about Best East Coast US Destinations but I have to mention it here again. There is really no place better for family getaways than the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are many towns within the Outer Banks that offer lots of entertainment for families of all ages. Some of the best fishing in the world is found in the Outer Banks and you can find much more. Explore the famous sand dunes where the Wright brothers first took flight. You can go hang gliding on the dunes and can even use a replica of the Wright brothers' original model. To me, the Outer Banks would be the best location to travel for Thanksgiving 2022.