Perhaps the most popular destination in the world for American tourists Mexico has a bit of everything for everyone. The Yucatan Peninsula in Southeast Mexico is the most popular region for travel. The beaches and resorts are renowned by all and offer relaxing experiences for couples and families. I have only been to the Yucatan Peninsula going to Cancun, Cozumel, and Costa Maya. While these are great destinations for beaches and relaxation, you can find the real Mexico much further west. 

Mexico offers great adventures for anyone willing to withstand the heat. Seeing ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins is an amazing experience and offers a glimpse into Mexico's past. Walking around the cities is also a good way to have a more authentic Mexican journey. 

My favorite, and perhaps many peoples' favorite thing about Mexico is the food. While the United States has its own version of Mexican food, nothing can beat the real thing. From Al Pastor, Elote, Tamales, Posole, and genuine Mexican tacos; the food scene in Mexico is second to none. 

Cabo San Lucas
Mexican Food
National Palace