One of the most popular destinations in the Middle East, Israel's cities, nature, and mixed cultures provide travelers with an authentic and unique experience that can only be found here. Historically, Israel is probably the most important country in the world. As the birthplace of Judaism, it shares a very important history for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. 

Israel has many important and fun sites to visit. The most important being Jerusalem. While you may think of Jerusalem as a purely religious city with a big wall, it’s so much more. The old city is a highly religious place, but it also quite fun. There is delicious food, people to tell you about the customs, and more. Taking a tunnel underneath the Western Wall shows just how far down and ancient this city really is. Exploring the tunnels throughout the old city is fun but wear shorts because it can get wet and muddy. Outside of the old city, Jerusalem is a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Restaurants and bars are everywhere along with my personal favorite, street markets. The Jerusalem markets have everything from meals and snacks to clothes and souvenirs. One of the great joys of a street market is the negotiation. The vendor will always give you a ridiculous price and it's your job to get that item as low as possible. To many it’s an art form, just make sure you don't get disrespectful. 

Tel Aviv is the modern and urban hub of Israel. As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, most of Israel's research on tech and medicine come from Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is perfect for any travelers looking to party as nightlife here is unstoppable.

The most popular activity outside the cities in Israel is hiking Masada and seeing the Dead Sea. Masada is a large rock formation where an ancient group of Israelites made their final stand against the Romans. Below is the dead sea, the lowest point on Earth. Due to the high levels of salinity, you actually float in the Dead Sea without even trying. Just make sure to keep your eyes closed, don't have any open wounds, and most importantly don't pee in the Dead Sea. You can look up why by yourself. People often get up early in the morning (3-4 am) to go to Masada and get to the top before the sun rises. Seeing the sun rise over the Dead Sea is one of the most awe inspiring sights and in a place like Israel, feels somewhat holy. Some other important and fun places to see are

  • Haifa

  • The Negev

  • Bedouin Tents

  • Tzfat (or Safed)

  • Tiberias

  • Sea of Galilee

  • Eilat

Israel is an amazing place to visit. Despite the politics and issues that face the country, most people there just want to live their lives. People of all races, religions, and ethnicities are welcome and it is a place everyone needs to go see.