A both historic and modern country, Germany provides a unique experience for all those visiting. The country is divided into over a dozen distinct regions all with something to offer. Some of the biggest cities that attract tourists are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. Each city whether big or small has something to offer any traveler. Biking is quite popular and is a great way to get around in cities. When traveling between cities or going to a new destination, the railway system in Germany is one of the best in the world. Trains connect from hundreds of locations both in and outside the country with convenient and usually cheap routes. 

Germany seems to have acted as a lightning rod for history, especially in the past century. While Germany does have a troubled past both from Nazi and Soviet eras, the country has not forgotten. Germany is quite the role model for acknowledging history and improving from it. Museums and monuments have been built to remember the Holocaust and the troubles in East Germany during the Cold War. Today discrimination laws are in place to try and combat prejudice against minority groups so Germany does not repeat its history.


Despite having six German stamps in my passport, I had never actually been until this year. Frankfurt acts as a layover hub and provides a large number of connecting flights throughout Europe. I had the chance to experience Nuremberg this summer. It is an amazing city with tons of culture. The city is not too big and has lots of museums, walking paths, and restaurants to enjoy. The street markets are fantastic and there are historical buildings and even castles. During December, the Christmas market of Nuremberg, and all around Germany, come alive and give locals and travelers alike, and experience to remember.