The Southernmost country in Scandinavia, Denmark is an amazing destination for any type of traveler. For luxury travelers, Denmark has many exquisite hotels and airbnbs with amazing service. Gourmet restaurants line the streets along with lots of unique places to shop. For those traveling on a budget, Denmark has hostels and restaurants that you can find relatively cheap. There are also tons of free activities and sights to see. While Denmark (with the rest of Scandinavia) is more expensive than most countries in Europe, it won't cost you anymore than going to a city like Venice or Paris.


The capital of Copenhagen is an amazing city with tons to do. Bikes can be rented easily on your phone for cheap prices to get around. There are several tourists spots to hit and unlike most touristy places, these locations are actually part of the culture and life in Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid statue has been there for over a century. It is based on the fairy tail novel which was written by a Hans Christian Anderson who, was from Denmark. Christiania is a free town in Copenhagen. While I didn’t quite understand it while there, it is an interesting area will lots of cool art and hippie culture. Tivoli Gardens is an old amusement park that still has some functioning rides and live entertainment.

Another city that I was lucky enough to see is Aarhus. Located in Northern Denmark, it is about a three hour train ride from the capital city. The city has beautiful beaches and incredible architecture. The food is delicious with one market having vendors with food from around the world. The coolest part of the city was the art museum. With lots of exhibits ranging from traditional art to political paintings, there are lots of options. The best and most iconic part of the museum is the rooftop rainbow bridge. With the glass changing color in each frame, it is a spectacle to walk through. Another interesting thing I discovered in the rainbow bridge is the way it carries sound. Due to the circular tube shape, the rainbow bridge carries sound that loops around the entire structure. If you make a loud whistle noise in one direction you will hear it in front of you and shortly afterwards, from behind you.