As my first country in Europe, Bulgaria holds a special place in my heart. It is an amazing country with great people and fantastic places to visit. The capital city of Sofia is amazing with tons to do and see. Both regular and party hostels are available as well as many high quality hotels. The real magic of Bulgaria is out East in the country. The coastal towns on the Black Sea offer a beach setting to those looking to enjoy the water. These towns also offer amazing seafood which can be caught fresh daily. 

Other cities to visit include Sliven, Plovdiv, and many more. Cities in Bulgaria are full of ancient ruins that are ready to be explored. The mountains and rivers of Bulgaria also make it ideal for adventure traveling. Activities such as whitewater rafting, hiking, fly fishing, and camping are all ideal in Bulgaria. 

While it has been several years since I've been, I still remember Bulgaria as an outstanding destination with tons of options. From speaking to people who have been recently, I can confirm it is still the same thrilling country that I remember. 

Image by Ivan Nedelchev
Image by Monica Garniga