In my opinion, Austria is the farthest East country in Western Europe. This statement may confuse you but if you've been to both Eastern and Western Europe, you will know there is a huge difference. Austria is a mountainous country whose Southwest is entirely in the Alps. Austria has a wonderful culture that feels like a mix between German and Slavic culture. Austria is perfect for solo travel, group travel, couples, families or any other type of international traveler. 


The country is home to rural and suburban towns, huge metropolises, and stunning nature. The capital city of Vienna is located on the Danube river and has lots to offer. The food is delicious from Döner kebab (a common street food throughout Central Europe) to weinerschnitzel or schnitzel. The city is the famous for opera which you can see at Vienna Opera House. 

Like several other surrounding countries, much of the nightlife and culture revolves around beer. The beer is high quality throughout Austria and is consumed quite a lot. While this may sound concerning to some, it shouldn’t. Austria has a drinking age of sixteen for beer and wine and eighteen for alcohol. Due to the lower drinking age and openness around the subject of alcohol (throughout all of Europe); alcoholism, drunk driving, and other problems are less of an issue here. Beer is shown as part of cuisine the same way we may think of tea or soda. 

Austria's forests and parks are renowned and beautiful. During the summer months you can explore the forests and the wildlife that lives there. During winter, Austria becomes a premier destination for skiing and other winter activities. Like Germany, Austria is said to have an incredible Christmas culture which can be enjoyed by all no matter what religion.  

St. Stephen's Cathedral
Weinerschnitzel, potatoes, and beer
Statue in Vienna